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Business Debt Settlement & Consolidation

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If you have extended your credit for your business and are now struggling, you may be in need of business debt consolidation.  A Business Debt Consolidation program refinance will transfer all of your payments into one monthly loan payment.  Your business debts will then be settled one by one with your creditors.  Many times this will reduce your monthly payments by as much as 50%, reduce your interest rates and reduce fees you may be getting charged.

How Can We Help You With Your Settlement?

Our business debt attorneys can begin to negotiate on your behalf helping you keep your business open, putting additional working money back in your business freeing up resources where it can be effectively used on assets.  Our attorneys have settled millions with our business debt settlement programs.  If you have fallen behind on your payments, a lawyer can help negotiate the balances you owe.


How Do I Get Debt Settlement Help For My Business?

  • Once retained the business debt lawyer representing you will contact your creditors to send them a limited power of attorney.
  • We will advise them that you are now being represented by a law firm and all future correspondence needs to go to the law firm.
  • Once negotiations are complete, your business debt attorney will draft the proper settlement letter and have you sign off on it.
  • After an account is settled, you will receive the necessary documentation reporting proof that the debt is paid off.

Are You Struggling With Your Debts or Business Loans?

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