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About Us

Business Debt Legal Group is a law firm that is uniquely qualified to tackle your business debt and merchant cash advances. our lawyers specialize in debt matters of all sorts, including the RESTRUCTURING, MITIGATION, REDUCTION & FAVORABLE RESOLUTION OF BUSINESS DEBT & MERCHANT CASH ADVANCE LOANS.


It is important to align yourself with a qualified and experienced law firm to protect your company against your business debt & merchant cash advance lenders.  Often, certain business or merchant cash advance loans may charge interest rates as high or even higher than 100% interest per annum.  This could be considered usurious depending on your jurisdiction and the lender’s paperwork.  With our defense, insulation and negotiation programs, your business debt or merchant cash advance payments can each be reduced and possibly consolidated into one (1) lower monthly payment. Each one of your loans are eligible for restructure, settlement or mitigation, resulting in reduced or eliminated accruing interest, penalties and those fine print fees that may have been buried in your paperwork at the time you accepted the loan(s). Our goal is to assist our clients to break free of their business debt & merchant cash advance loans in the shortest amount of time possible.  We want to help you regain  control of your business and its cash flow.


We understand that this is a very confusing and frustrating time. Our firm and its attorneys will guide you throughout the entire process. You can rest your head at night knowing that your business debt matters are being addressed by qualified and experienced legal professionals.

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The leaders in business debt legal services.