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If you have borrowed against your business and are now struggling, you may be in need of some type of business debt relief.  A Business Debt Relief program will help you regain control of your business.  Our business debt relief attorneys offer many solutions to help you seize back control of your business and its cashflow.


Our business debt relief programs can lower your payments, reduce your interest rates, extend the period of loan repayment time to payback your loans and settle your account(s) for less than what you owe.  Our business debt relief attorneys can begin to negotiate on your behalf immediately, helping you keep your business open and operating by providing you with access to additional  working capital needed to effectively run your business.


If your business debt involves a merchant cash advance, we will be able to advise you regarding an MCA restructure as well as the pros and cons of a MCA consolidation vs MCA attorney. Our attorneys specialize in Merchant Cash Advance lawsuits and will be able to answer your questions about the lawsuit process and how to navigate your business through it.


Once retained your business debt lawyer will contact your creditors or collection agency and provide them with formal notice that you are now represented by counsel directing that all future correspondence or communications regarding your  accounts must go through your legal counsel only and to immediately cease any and all contact with you directly.


There are many available options to provide you with immediate business debt relief and to ultimately resolve your business debt.  Restructuring, Forbearance, Settlement, Legal Defense and even Bankruptcy are available for you to discuss with our team of lawyers.    One of our team is here to discuss all of your potential options with you and to help you decide which options are best in light of your particular circumstances.


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