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Merchant Cash Advance Lawsuit

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Did you receive a Merchant Cash Advance Lawsuit? Did you sign a Confession of Judgment for your merchant cash advance loans?  Your lenders have attorneys on their team; you need an attorney on yours as well.


Taking on this process alone can cost you your business. Your merchant cash advance attorney understands how to litigate these cases.  Merchant cash advance loans are very different from traditional loans and need to be handled appropriately. Once your merchant cash advance lawsuit is filed, one of our affiliated attorneys practicing in your particular jurisdiction, shall respond to the legal complaint filed against you.  In all likelihood, a Motion to Dismiss the action shall be filed attacking the validity of the debt and the creditor’s paperwork.  If warranted, an answer and affirmative defenses followed by discovery shall be the next step.  During the time we are defending your merchant cash advance lawsuit, our attorneys shall continue to participate in good faith negotiations with the plaintiff in an effort to settle your debt on terms favorable and acceptable to you.


Many merchant cash advance lenders do not have their contracts properly drafted.  This can be used to your benefit.  During your merchant cash advance lawsuit, it may be proven that your merchant cash advance loan is an actual “loan” and not an advance.  This will require it to fall within all usury laws just as any traditional loan.


Our attorneys have a combined over 40 years of experience dealing with business debt and merchant cash advance lawsuits.  You need to get your cash flow back so you can run your business as it should be run.  Hire a merchant cash advance attorney today before your debt problems get worse than they already are.  Call for your free, no obligation consultation today and review our restructuring,  consolidation, settlement and other options that may be best for your business.

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