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Small business owners occasionally require additional operating capital to effectively run their  businesses.  If a business owner does not qualify for traditional financing, a Merchant Cash Advance Loan may seem like a reasonable or viable option to help the business.  Often, business owners, may get in over their heads with these types of loans and may require the assistance of a Merchant Cash Advance experienced lawyer to help them in regaining day to day control of their business enterprise.  Merchant Cash Advance loans are often characterized as not being a loan at all but rather, an advance or purchase and sale of the businesses’ future merchant receivables. These loans may not fall within the purview and control of Usury Laws in certain jurisdictions around the country.


Following an initial free consultation, one of our attorneys will review your merchant cash advance or business loan agreements and share their findings with you.  You may be surprised to learn of your extremely high actual interest rate, costs and fees.  Our firm has seen interest rates greater than 100% per annum.   Once our initial review is complete and you have elected to retain our firm, your assigned merchant cash advance attorney will begin to work with your lenders to secure a method and pathway to get you out of the vicious cycle you are presently in and most importantly, help to get you back control of your business and its cashflow.


Your merchant cash advance attorney may be able to reduce your payments, lower your interest, get you into a forbearance program and, ultimately settle your merchant cash advance loans for less than what you owe and provide you relief.  Your merchant cash advance attorney can help you protect your assets from your creditors and help you avoid the worry of seized assets or frozen accounts.


You need to regain control of your cash flow in order that you can best run your business as it should be run.  Hire a merchant cash advance attorney today before your debt problems grow worse.   Call for your free, no obligation consultation today.

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