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Beware of Low-Cost Debt Consolidation or Cheap Legal Services

Wooden blocks spell out the word debt in front of finance and accounting paperwork.

Whenever a business owner is confronted with a legal matter or a delinquent debt problem, one of the foundational decisions necessary to address the problem is choosing the right professional service provider to assist the business owner in resolving the critical debt issue(s). The question is, how do you avoid hiring the wrong lawyer or weak debt consolidation service that may ultimately make matters much worse for you? Debt Consolidation Companies Are NOT Law Firms While in conversation with a representative from a debt consolidation company, you may get the impression that the debt consolidation company’s services are similar to a law firm’s...

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6 Debt Restructuring Strategies That Consolidation Companies Won’t Mention

businessman arranging wooden blocks with letters to spell the word debt

With the current slowing of many industries due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a good chance that your business cash flow has slowed as well. While MCA lenders have been slightly more flexible throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, some may still be unwilling to work with their borrowers.  You may be in a difficult situation where you are no longer able to pay for your merchant cash advance debt. Maybe your cash flow is solid, but you did not realize the merchant cash advances you accepted would make such a dent in your daily cash flow. You’ve searched the internet and found...

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How Small Businesses Owners Can Protect Their Personal Assets from Business Debt


If you don't properly protect your personal assets, which you have worked very hard to accumulate, those assets can be lost very quickly as a result of a judgment or possible bankruptcy. Fundamental asset protection begins with implementing affordable, solid, reliable strategies and exercising good fiscal and business habits. There are laws on the books affording measures that you can easily implement to provide you with a great deal of protection in the event of a claim or lawsuit. Bad things happen to good people all the time. You do not necessarily need to be irresponsible or negligent to be...

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